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The following posts are very kid friendly food.  Some are things they really like for ME to make for them; while others are some dishes that they actually make under my supervision.  Almost every recipe has components that children can assist with.

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Kid Friendly!

Classroom Snack Helper Ideas
After school Munchies/Sleepover Goodies/Feeding the Neighborhood! (K-12) :)
On the Table - Entrees, Soups, and Sides
Sweets for you Sweeties, etc.
Breakfast Stuff
There are other recipes, I'm sure, that would be great on this page.  But sometimes I just flat out forget to post links to them here.  So please have a look through the Recipe Index and the list of recipes on the right side of the page for other great menu ideas.  


  1. cider glazed brussel sprouts...printable recipe...

    1. I have updated the post to include a printable link. You'll find it right before the ingredient list.

  2. I really like your photos, recipes, writing, and blog set up. Thank you!


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