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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fruit-n-Jello Dream Ships

Well, it's been a really long time since I've been the "snack helper" for a kindergarten class, but today, I remembered why it's so much fun!!!  We made these cute little sailing ships out of fresh fruit, floating on a sea of jello, with a surprise gummy shark lurking in the "water."  Canon was super proud to be bringing these to his class, and I was a proud Mom! 

Our school system is part of a "healthy foods" initiative, so they mandate that the snacks be fairly healthy.  And of course you still want them to be fun!  So, I really don't have a recipe for this.  It's mostly a concept.  What kid doesn't like jello and fresh fruit?!

...."Just a dream and the wind to carry me..." (Christopher Cross_Sailing)

  • I used Berry Blue jello.  
    • I large (5 oz) package makes about 8 cups.  
  • These are 9 oz clear plastic cups.
  • Fresh orange and apple slices
    • I sliced each fruit into 8 wedges 
    • I sprinkled the apple slices with Fruit Fresh to prevent them from oxidizing (browning)
  • gummy sharks
  • lollipop sticks
  • the sails are printed on regular colored paper
Add the gelatin into boiling water, according to directions.  Stir to dissolve.   Add the ice cube water to the dissolved gelatin, according to directions.  Use a ladle to portion the jello equally into cups.  I used one ladle full per cup.  Drop a gummy shark into each.  It makes a cute surprise at the bottom!

Slice fruit, adding lemon juice or Fruit Fresh to apples (or other fruit that may oxidize).  Print and cut out sails with your theme on them.  Make two slits in the sail and thread a lollipop stick through them.  I used these because they are blunt, and I didn't want to hear about any of the kids poking each other with toothpicks.  After the jello has set (about 4 hours), add the sails to the fruit, and set your ship sailing on the jello sea!

If you are serving them immediately, you could also make "white caps" on the water with a swirl of whipped cream.  I don't recommend doing this ahead of time, though, as the whipped cream tends to deflate and sort of melt after a while.

Canon's teachers' room theme is the Magic Kingdom, and she has her room decorated in castles, crowns, etc., so we echoed the theme in our sails.  We made a sign to go along with the treats.
"Oak Grove Warriors... smooth sailing into an exciting new year in Murfee's Magic Kingdom."

Now admit it, doesn't this beat a package of pre-made, processed snacks?  It's super fun!!!

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