Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dreamsicle Mimosas
So I saw this on a friend's social media page and immediately said, "I've got to steal this!"  I don't have a clue where the original came from, because as it turns out, when I started looking them up, there were gazoodles of recipes for this drink.  Some had actual recipes, others just had lists of ingredients with proportions to be left up to the user.  Either way, this was going in one (or two) of my glasses... soon!  Also, I felt it needed just a little tweak of something special.  I tend to do that with recipes.  But that may just be part of enjoying playing-with-your-food-syndrome.

The result is indeed creamy and dreamy!  I have a lot of friends who aren't that big on champagne or prosecco.  It's just not their thing.  This creamy version feels so much more round and "soft" on the palate - somewhere between "Cheers!" and "dessert."  Hey... what can I say?!  Something for everyone.  The before your meal crowd and the after your meal crowd.  Ha!  And the thing I really love, is that so many cocktails can be SO complicated, but this one is super simple to throw together. Try it!  You'll like it!  :) 

Ingredients: (for 2 mimosas)
  • Granulated sugar (the regular kind)
    • for rimming glass
  • An orange 
    • for garnish and rimming glass
  • Vanilla bean ice cream 
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1 Tbsp heavy cream
  • prosecco (or champagne)

Mix together 1/2 cup orange juice and 1 Tbsp heavy whipping cream.
1/2 cup orange juice
1 Tbsp whipping cream

Rub the rim of 2 champagne flutes with the cut side of an orange.  (This will make the rim of the glass super yummy.  Trust me on this.)
Dip the orange'y wet glass into granulated sugar.
Add two small scoops of good quality vanilla bean ice cream to each champagne flute.  I used a cookie scoop to do this.  Each scoop is probably about 1/2 oz.  This is a magical combination that will give it an extra creamy taste with that hint of vanilla as it melts.  Yumm!
Add the orange juice/cream mixture to cover the ice cream.  The ice cream will likely pop up and start floating.  
Add prosecco/champagne to the top of each flute.
Cut a slice of orange in half, then slice each half up the middle almost to the rind to garnish each glass.
Enjoy !!!  (responsibly please)

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