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Keep those orders coming for this awesome cookbook, which is full of your favorite Menu Musings recipes!  How do I know they are your favorites?  Because I am in the position to see the numbers!  I see your comments, your questions, the numbers of times you are pinning and repinning the recipes.  You know me well enough to know that the recipes are simple to do, and that I'm going to walk you through them.  

Here are some other things about the cookbook that you may be wondering about:
  • 342 pages!  Whoa!  Really!  
  • Full color
  • Lots of photos, including some "how to" photos that are essential to helping you make the dish!
  • Each recipe will come with a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone  The codes will bring you directly back to the blog, just in case you want to access each and every last detail, and in some cases, the videos that are available for the original posts.  Now admit it, that's cool, right?!
  • These will make excellent gifts if you have children/grandchildren/friends who are about to get married, or move out and go off to college!  I'm sure you ALL know someone who needs to learn how to cook, and just feels too intimidated to get into the kitchen.  Well I'm here to take that intimidation factor away!!! 

Now available for immediate delivery!!!

Here are some sweet viewer photos that you've sent me.  :)
She is making Ritzy cheddar baked chicken. It's in the oven now and everyone is commenting on how good it smells! ... From the mouth of my 7 year old son "this chicken is AMAZING!" - Mandi

We have had a much needed low key weekend. ..and as always your recipes are a family favorite! My boys LOVE to help in the kitchen and one of the things I enjoy most about your blog and book is that your recipes are kid and mommy friendly! Their picks this weekend: bacon pancakes, cinnamon spiced banana caramel pancakes, baked chicken taquitos and pictured here is the ritzy cheddar baked chicken! Thank you Julie! Yummy!!! - Emily 
smile emotico- Em
Hi Julie! My book came and I love it! The recipes are so easy to follow, especially with the step by step pictures! I made Easy Beefy Enchiladas tonight and they were great! Making the roux and adding cream to the enchilada sauce really made a difference! I served them with refried beans. Thanks for the great recipes and the confidence in the kitchen! -Andrea

Dru and the kids making Ritzy Cheddar Baked Chicken.  Oh the sauce is awesome by the way.  Thanks so much for something new to make.  I can't wait for the chicken to be ready.  - Marsha
 Omgosh!  This is so delicious!  :)  - Marsha


  1. The chicken was really fun and easy to make and it tasted delish! -- Dru

    1. Dru - love having a photo of you and your sweet babies on here! Hope to see y'all when I come through Denham Springs for one of the Rouse's book signing events! - Julie

  2. I ordered this cookbook about 10 days ago and it has not arrived and there is no tracking available. How long does it usually take to ship?

    1. Hi there, did you order if from the publisher? From Amazon? From a bookstore? I do not sell them directly and unfortunately have no control over the process. If from the publisher, I may be able to get some information for you, but you will have to give me some more information. Your comment comes up as "unknown."

  3. This site is awesome; I just stumbled upon it and I can't wait to make some of your wonderful recipes!!

    1. Thank you, Erica! I appreciate that so much!
      - Julie


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