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Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Cookbooks Have Arrived!

I am over the moon excited!  The long wait is over, and the cookbooks have finally arrived!!! Of course they would come in the middle of the day, when I had a 1:00 pm class scheduled, so I rushed home to meet this huge truck, begged him to cut one of the 68 (!!) boxes free from the rest, left him to his unloading, and sped back across town to the university.  I left a message to my students that I would be a bit late, scratched my eye and face on the open box (which I opened on the way to campus), and rushed into the lab out of breath lugging this box full of books looking like someone had just beat me up and slashed my face!  

Okay - so the look on their faces was... um.. interesting!  But oh gosh, I felt SO PROUD!

Thank you all for being SO patient!  My plan is to try and get them out to you next week sometime.  I have LOTSA signing to do, and shipping labels to be printing between now and then!  I just wanted to send this email to let you know they have indeed arrived!  :) 
One more thing.  You know how I'm always talking about having extra teenagers around here? Well last night that was definitely a bonus. Between my husband, my teenagers, and a couple of extra teenagers, they moved 2,000 pounds of books from a pallet in the garage up a flight and a half of stairs!  Yes, seriously!

It's NOT too late to order if you haven't already.  Heck no!  The books are now available on the publisher's eCommerce page, IndigoRiverPublishing and on   :)

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