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Friday, February 6, 2015

Julie May on the Dan Vega Show

Oh my gosh!  I had such a great time as a guest on the Dan Vega Show!!!  Let me just put this out there... if there are any other talk show hosts that are looking for a guest, give me a call.  Haha! Maybe it's just that Dan is so great at putting everyone at ease and making you feel so darn welcome.

(here's the segment link)

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  1. This is wonderful - so very exciting! I'll have to look this show up, because I'm sure I can pick it up here in Fairhope! Congratulations, and you look charming!

    1. Hey - you know what? My books just got delivered to a few Rouse's in your area. So maybe I'll be over there at some point for a book signing. :)
      Rouses # 52 in Saraland, AL
      Rouses # 51 in Mobile, AL across from Spring Hill College
      Rouses # 50 in Theodore, AL
      Rouses # 54 Gulf Shores, AL


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