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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're GROWING!!!

Hi Readers!

This little kernel of an idea to create a food blog three years ago has grown to a point that I never imagined!  The numbers of views per day, the number of comments and questions I receive daily, and the number of faithful (as well as new) followers just amazes me.  I am humbled by the response, and this has truly grown into my passion!  You have been so supportive of me and my efforts that it encourages me daily into striving to make the blog a better tool for you.

To that end, I am in the process of developing a new MenuMusings Newsletter to begin distributing straight to your inbox.  The newsletter will be unique to you, the subscribers, and NOT a "regular" public post.  

However... The only way I can do that is for you to be on the MenuMusings Subscriber list.   Hundreds of you have signed up over the years as a "Follower" or a "Google + Follower," but I have started working with Constant Contact so that I can maintain and manage my lists directly, and I can reach you any time I want to! YAY!!!!   Now, when I find something I think y'all would enjoy, I can send it directly to the whole MenuMusings community myself!  (like a Big Girl!)  :) 

So PLEASE take like 2 minutes, hit the SUBSCRIBE TO MENU MUSINGS box at the right of the blog page just above the logo, and let ME know (for MY list) who you are.  I appreciate you for bearing with me during this growing process.

Thank you so much! Y'all are awesome!



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